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    No Days Adhesives
  • No Days Powder Wafers Background
    No Days Powder Wafers
    Adhesives For Glass Fusing
    Powder Wafers
    An Easy to Use Adhesive Sheet for Designing Your Own Intricate Details with Glass Frits and Powders. Create Powder Wafers the easy way with No Days Powder Wafers! Make detailed patterns on your fused glass surfaces using glass powders or fine frits and NO Days Powder Wafers. Eliminate extra firings and cut detailed designs without wasting any powder.
  • No Days Bailbond Art
    No Days BailBond
    Bailbond is a specially formulated heat activated adhesive designed to adhere jewelry bails quickly and with no mess. Easily change out your bails by simply re-heating Bailbond to re-work the bond.
  • mosaic mesh adhesive birdbath
    No Days Mosaic Mesh is a fiberglass mesh designed for mounting mosaics indirectly to your substrate. The mesh is coated with our proprietary NO Days Mosaic Adhesive, a heat activated adhesive that allows you to quickly and securely bond your tiles to the mesh before permanently installing your mosaic using cement, thinset or mortar.
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    A superior alternative to messy, weak and inconsistent liquid adhesive products. Use it to adhere all types of mosaic tiles to a variety of substrates including wood, glass, cement, drywall and medium density fiber board (MDF).
  • No Days Groutless Adhesive
    No Days Groutless
    NO Days Groutless is a thick, heat activated adhesive sheet designed not only to adhere tiles to a variety of substrates but also to fill in your grout lines during heating.
  • No Days Liquid Fusing Adhesive
    No Days Liquid Fusing
    A necessary tool for any fused glass artist to have. It allows designers to create simple or intricate frit & powder designs will be held securely to the glass surface to prevent movement before firing in your kiln.
  • No Days ThinFuse Adhesive
    No Days ThinFuse
    NO Days ThinFuse Adhesive is a thin, dry-to-the-touch adhesive film designed for adhering glass to glass for fusible mosaic designs. Due to its thin film form, ThinFuse will fully burn off in the kiln leaving behind nothing but your creative fused glass art.
  • No Days Glaze Adhesive
    An easy-to-use stained glass pre-formed glazing strip designed to be placed into your lead or zinc came first versus brushing putty and cement in last. NO Days Glaze seals and adds strength, at the same time increasing productivity when building a leaded stained glass window.
  • No Days HoneyDoo Zuper Glue
    No Days HoneyDoo Zuper Glue
    HoneyDoo Zuper Glue
    HoneyDoo Zuper Glue allows for quicker set times and a consistent, cleaner bond than the competition. Using Triple-Distilled Purity, this high performance gel-like adhesive provides better control with less run-out.


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